A cookie for every season…

Just as repetitious as leaves falling off the tree, the same concept of repetition could be said for spending time baking in the kitchen. I am alway concocting up some delicious baked good during the autumn season, and it’s not even autumn yet. I use seasonal goods like orchard ripened apples, or sweet pumpkins for everything from breads and cakes, to pies and cookies! Today, I discovered what I feel is one of the quintessential goodies that I’ll be sharing with family and friends this autumn season; The Iced Oatmeal Applesauce Cookie.

a delicious cookie with a maple syrup icing... superbly autumn

It’s out of “Martha Stewart’s Cookies,” one of my favorite (not to mention most frequently  used) cookbooks. There’s literally a cookie for every season, 175 to be exact. The recipes are precise with the measurements, explicitly clear with instructions, and a great investment for any baker at any level. From Novice to Professional, these cookies will be shared with and enjoyed by family and friends. The pictures are inspiring, and I highly suggest, if you haven’t already, adding this New York Times Bestseller to your cookbook repertoire.

A Must-Have for your cookbook collection.



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