25 tips for a most macabre Halloween Party

Over the years I have acquired a ton of seasonal magazines for the Halloween Season! This year I devised a list of 25 essentials and/or ideas… depending how extreme you are, on throwing the Halloween Party to be remembered for years! It’s early enough to get a good head start on the spooky season! So here they are…

  1. The More Pumpkins the Better
  2. Faux leaves look especially eerie when taken off the stem and thrown on the floor
  3. Handmade invitations set the tone, not to mention a high standard for a spooktacular event
  4. Save those glue strands from the hot glue gun… they make especially creepy cobwebs
  5. A window needs two things, creepy silhouettes and good illumination
  6. Invest in Cheesecloth; Everything from DIY Curtains to a creepy table linen, this may be the fabric of choice for the Halloween Season!
  7. Use Dying flowers for Flower Arrangements. Make friends with the florist or root through their dumpster for scraps! (If doing the latter, run from the police when they’re called on you)
  8. Use Candles (in hurricanes or vases) to light up a stairwell. Place 3-5 candles of varying heights clumped together every 3 or 4 steps. Be sure to place alternatively between the right and left every other stair
  9. Use vegetables like beets, artichokes, and cabbages in glass hurricanes filled with water and appropriate food coloring to mimic body organs being studied by a demented scientist. This is also when those Plaster of Paris body parts come in handy to heighten the creepiness.
  10. Use those damaged or old blown out eggs at Easter and dye them in Coffee, Tea mixture for a rotten eggs affect. Use the damaged eggs/partial shells as garnish for the platter
  11. Raid your father’s or brother’s fishing box for those creepy bait bugs and insects. Remove the hook of course, unless you plan on sending your guests to the ER
  12. Use Dark colored fruits to make a frightful centerpiece (Plums, Figs, and Black Grapes work well)
  13. Buy a bottle of Black Vodka by Blavod, and practice your floating skills. Mix with Orange or Mango juice to make an especially eerie screwdriver.
  14. Think Creepy for the garnish. Instead of citrus rinds and olives, go for Black Licorice Sticks halved or blackened ice cubes.
  15. Save those wine bottles. Remove the labels and create your own aged label! Take an avery label and brush with strong coffee or espresso. You may have to reapply 2 or 3 times after drying to get the desired shade you want. Lightly char the edges for an aged look and affix to wine bottle.
  16. Put fruit on the menu… Candied apples and slightly shrunken pears (Poached Pears with skins and stems in tact) make a delightful addition to any Halloween Menu.
  17. Find Cheap and malleable iron or metal candelabras. Bend into a sturdy but eerie shape. Paint black and place used candles with lots of wax buildup for a creepy addition that looks as if it’s been around for centuries.
  18. Dry ice is a must for creepy steam bubbling over a cauldron full of witches brew!
  19. Buy extra cauldrons for serving green stews and rice dishes
  20. Make a bed of straw on the dining room table for guests to gather round and sacrifice their appetites with a buffet of creepy food any God would be pleased to receive.
  21. Games are needed too to keep the guests occupied. Bob for apples, Go Squash Bowling, or a good old fashioned bewitched doughnut eating contest will keep the cackles at their highest peak!
  22. Go green and send out horrific e-vites through pingg.com
  23. Create a facebook page for your event
  24. Black-framed mirrors are strikingly creepy paired with black candles…
  25. Visit www.marthastewart.com/holidays for more inspiring Halloween tricks and treats to make your festivities a blast


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