Arnold Palmer Redux

The Arnold Palmer, a southern classic, is the epitome of refreshment on a hot, humid day.

It’s a classic combination, sugared citrus juice and black tea. But let’s rethink this classic. Taking that spin on citrus meets black tea… Let’s add in some flavor and do some swapping!

Why not a refreshing herbal tea, low in caffeine and high in flavor? Why not instead of a saccharin based “Citrus-Ade,” use freshly squeezed juice from a naturally sweet citrus?!

One concoction I love is navel orange juice from 2 or 3 large oranges and vanilla honeybush tea! Or why not try an herbal mint tea with some lime and maybe some cucumber? The possibilities are endless but experimenting with complementary flavors will help you create these tonics in a breeze for those drinks by the pool!



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