Grow It to Know It

Not knowing it all is something I struggle with. Knowledge is power! Knowledge prevents future mistakes!

I go to nurseries all around the area, and admire the personality of each of them. The prices are usually pretty decent too. If you’re patient, you buy a couple perennials, a couple flats of annuals, spend a lot of money and hope for the best.

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made is not growing from seed! Growing something from seed helps you connect to your seedling. You get to understand its habits, what it likes, what it doesn’t tolerate, etc. You start to ween it from its hot house habitat, and start leaving the lid open. You let them sit overnight uncovered on the driveway.

I have started so much from seed this year, and I feel an obsession beginning! I also feel I’ll have to wait nearly half the time to fill my garden with perennials, as it’s much cheaper, and look forward to winter evenings browsing through seed catalogs for the hottest heirlooms, and the prettiest flowers to fill my gardens and hopefully inspire you to fill yours as well!



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