Weekend Project: Living Fire Pit Lid


Every morning when I get up, I water the ferns, the planters, and some of the new additions around the garden.

This past week, I noticed our sad, rusted fire pit, which rarely gets its use on the back porch and thought, “Ew” and “How can I make that better?”


It’s old, 5 or 6 years?, and it totally works… But how could I make it pretty?!

Grow something in the lid!!

First, I removed the wire around the frame of the lid and put a backing of chicken wire around the perimeter. To that I laid in some cardboard and some landscaping fabric.


Since this isn’t the most ideal growing environment, I doped up the soil with blood meal, bone meal, and osmocote which should provide nutrition to these plants throughout the summer months.

Spread the soil around the base creating a domed layer. Then it was planting time!

I was inspired by mosaics of concentric rings of color. I decided to stick to moisture tolerant, low maintenance succulents, which would be low growing, and keep the shape of the dome relevant. These succulents also provide the chill and thill in this container of sorts. I used large red succulents, jade, and an aloe Vera plant to provide more thrills and the spike effect in container gardening.


After the planting was done, I placed preserved sheet moss around the perimeter of the container. The moss acts as a mulch, retaining moisture and blocking weeds from growing between my succulents.

The end result is a fun weekend project that someone with a little patience, a little elbow grease, and some creativity, can go out and grow something that wows!




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