Weekend Project: Rock Patio

TGIF!!! Time to map out your weekend plans! It’s been such an awesome spring so far, and on sunny days I like to spend them out in the garden!

I recently redid our rock patio, using river stones, and foraged rocks dug up over the years, we were able to construct a charming corner to look at and enjoy sitting in!

First, clear the field (per se.) Remove rocks, plants, weeds, and anything that will inhibit your space. Keep the things that will give your space character. Keep it natural. Putting this in the middle of the yard looks off, but in place of an old shrub that’s seen better days is perfect!

Map out your visions! Draw what you want, or think about the final vision. Also think about “How” you’re going to make that vision come to life. This rock patio took hours of washing the stones, moving bulbs, weeding, putting down a base of cardboard to prevent weeds, mulching, and finally the placement of the rocks. Maneuver furniture so it’s stable, and relax in the newest corner of your home!



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