Grow Poppies


When i first started gardening many years ago, i initially went to what I thought was pretty. I bought 3 bags of beautiful white asiatic lily bulbs which were on clearance at my local k-mart. When i got home and planted them, they smelled rancid, the bulbs were mush, and i knew that i had been played!

So i started researching. Gardening was a topic that interested me, and was something i wanted to involve myself in whole-heartedly. I quickly saw blooms and blooms of poppies, alliums, hollyhocks, and daisies, and i knew that gardening was for me.

3 years ago i planted poppies, and i’ve been adding ever since. Their paper like blooms make me smile like no other, and i love their painted appearance. They’re tolerant to pretty much anything, and don’t require a lot of TLC. You can start from seed, or you can buy them.

I prefer the oriental poppy, a perennial that comes back every year versus some of the icelandic poppies around this area that are tagged as annuals (technically a self sowing annual, meaning the seeds will drop and sow for next year’s bloom in spring.)



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