Charming Necklace


About a year ago for Mother’s Day, I made my mom a charm necklace. It was a nautical themed, sea inspired creation because we both love the beach and I knew she would love it! I bought charms from the Martha Stewart collection of jewelry at Michael’s, and it was my first attempt at making any sort of Jewelry.

Coming in at 6’3 and 200lbs, dainty hands and little fingers aren’t exactly traits that I’ve had since the 7th grade. Getting those jump rings closed and connected to the necklace, and affixing those charms are a MAJOR effort when you’ve got “Man hands.”

You almost rationalize child labor, little hands set little stones, lol BUT then you come to your senses and realize if it’s sold at Michaels… ANYONE can accomplish this.

My mother LOVED the necklace! So much so, that this year she suggests the same token for Mothers Day.

We’ve spent so many years working on the gardens around our home, that I decided to do a nature/woodlands theme. I also made a ring with a rose on it.

So take a stroll through the jewelry aisle at your crafts store. Let your imagination go wild, and find someone with small hands (lol, kidding!!)




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