GIANT Secrets: Cookies

The quest to find the perfect cookie is never ending. I argue there is no “Perfect” cookie, but finding high quality recipes that are tested and true is definitely a possibility!

I made these huge chocolate chip cookies last week for a bake sale and they were the nearest thing to perfection I’ve ever attempted. The recipe was on, but belongs to Jacques Torres.

Here are a few substantial differences between recipes that I think make a huge difference.

Jacques uses half bread flour and half pastry flour. Baking is an exact science, and if you’re a nerd like me you’d know things like the differences between the four flour gods. The main difference is the protein content. Bread flour yields the highest protein content (14%) while pastry flour yields a smaller amount (9%.) The combination of the two together really create a harmonious blend for a cookie. If you can’t find pastry flour, you can attempt to make your own by adding cornstarch to All purpose flour 2Tbsp cornstarch/cup of flour, or alternatively use cake flour which has the least amount of protein (7.5%) and is close to pastry flour. I don’t like adding cornstarch, as it’s now technically an additive that serves no purpose in your cookie, and is likely GMO if you’re shopping at places that don’t carry pastry flour.

Other variances include using chocolate chunks instead of chocolate chips. It makes a huge difference. You can find pre cut chunks or make your own. You could even do half chunks and half chips.

Use an ice cream scoop with a release. This looks like a cookie scoop, but has about 4x the capacity in volume. I use my ice cream scoop for more baking purposes than ice cream uses. I also use my ice cream scoop for cupcakes. It’s the perfect amount of batter per liner and creates even “looking” cupcakes when baked by the dozens!

Baking soda vs Baking Powder? Here’s the easiest breakdown. They’re leavening agents in baking. Baking soda requires an acidic product of some sort for it to produce carbon dioxide in your batters. This causes the cookie/cake/cupcake to rise. Baking powder already contains the acidic ingredient (cream of tartar.) this recipe calls for both, notice the intense amount of chocolate in the recipe… Chocolate is an acidic ingredient.

You learn something new everyday. Here are some shots of the cookies! 20140614-092324-33804189.jpg





One thought on “GIANT Secrets: Cookies

  1. I too am on the hunt for “my favourite chocolate chip cookie”, These look delicious, I’ll add them to my list try try


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