Autumn Magic

First impressions are lasting ones. We’re having a Halloween party in a few weeks, and I wanted to leave my guests spellbound. It’s a bit witchy, the theme, and whimsy and nature is a big part of witchcraft. (They’ve gotten a bad rep over the years, lol)

So when looking at the entranceway to our home, marked by two large, black concrete urns, I could either spook it up with some pumpkins, glittered bones, and Spanish moss, OR I could class it up by using ferns, lights, and a little bit of magic… C’mon…. Crafting IS magic people! ๐Ÿ˜‰

You’ll need a fern, some garden stakes, mini holiday lights, cafe lights, garden twine, and an extension cord.

Place the fern in the urn. (RHYMING SKILLZ) Insert your stakes into the fern and make a tripod. Tie the top with garden twine. Start wrapping your mini holiday lights around the stakes, starting from the top and working down. Then go back up and onto the next stake. Repeat until all of the stakes are covered in lights. Any excess lights work into the fronds of the fern at the base of your tripod. Then wrap your tripod in the larger cafรฉ lights. Plug in your creation and redefine Autumn glow!!

Good luck you crafty witches!! Xo





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