Budget Bash Idea: Glittered Spiders and Pumpkins and Bones… Oh My!!

Halloween parties are not cheap! They can get expensive very quickly. Unless you have a home full of spiders, cobwebs, and bones (who doesn’t?!?) you have a lot of accessories to stock up on to create the eerie effect of a haunted house!

I’ve teamed up again with Liz Bell from ‘Mornings with Liz’ on the new Warm103.3 to bring you some really great party tricks and treats to make your Halloween stylish, fun, and oh so budget-friendly!

One of my go-to party tricks is buying a lot of spiders, bugs, bones, skulls, and pumpkins from the dollar store! These decorations are not cute, that’s why they’re a dollar! HOWEVER… That’s the beauty of this craft! You’re taking something ugly, garish, and atrocious and turning it into something beautiful!! Sort of like fanny packs meeting the nearest trash can; That kind of beautiful!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Just bust out the glue, the glitter, and a large freezer bag! I also grab a craft paint brush to brush the glue on the larger items. That is it! A couple craft and kitchen supplies, some ugly and cheap decorations, and you’re set to repurpose and create some very pretty and spooky creations!

I glitter everything! True: it IS the herpes of arts of crafts BUT some of these tricks will ease the mess, and not have your friends thinking you were a back up dancer in a Ke$ha video…

For spiders. I brush them with glue, Elmer’s Glue diluted with a little water works brilliantly, and drop them into the freezer bag. I then sprinkle glitter in the bag and Shake. Sort of like “shake and bake” but prettier… And zero mess!! The glitter stays in the freezer bag. Remove your spiders with tweezers and let dry completely. Alternatively, let them dry in the bag.

“Shake and bake baby!!!”



Pumpkins, I stock up on at the dollar store and I’ll use a brush and brush glue on half the pumpkin, I’ll immediately glitter and shake off the excess and let dry. Once dry, usually in an hour or two, I’ll do the other side! Display them on stacked cake stands for a fun effect!



Another fun idea to try is glittered skulls. Use the same method as used with the pumpkin. Gluing and glittering half of the head. Letting it dry, and repeating with the other side. Display these glittered skulls on cake stands with moss as a bed or on an oversized lantern. I used a portable LED light (for closet lighting) attached at the top of the lantern to cast a glow on these skulls.



Kids LOVE these crafts! Your adult friends will ooh and ahh, maybe even scream, at your creations! The effort and money put into these projects are minimal, and you can put your money towards other necessary expenses… Like winning best dressed at a costume contest! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Stay classy, and remember glitter makes everything that much better!




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