Budget Friendly DIY Costumes

Halloween is almost here! No really… IT. IS. ALMOST. HERE!!! My Facebook newsfeed is filled with pictures of my friends in their costumes. I especially admire the costumes that they’ve made! Let’s save some cash, get creative, and make our own outfits this Halloween. In the past, I’ve taken three routes to DIY outfit success; Makeup, Accessories, and Thrift Store shopping (Cue the Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis hook)

Make up Costumes

One of the easiest ways to achieve the look you’re going for is makeup! There are tons of tutorial videos on YouTube on achieving the look you want. Everything from Jack Skellkngton to Angelina Jolie’s adaptation of Maleficent, prosthetic cheekbones and all! They’re way easier than you think too, check them out below!!

Last year i was a French Aristocrat. The mask was made out of foam board cut outs, and feathers. The make up stole the show as my face was the “Teeth” of this creature.





The year before that, I used makeup to become a terrifying urban legend, the Moth Man

Using pale cream based makeup and a loose powder I secured the base of this creature. Blacked out contacts, brown feathers cut and glued to fake eyelashes affixed to my own eyelashes, and moth wing clip art adhered to my skin with some eyelash glue topped this outfit, and made it one of the most memorable outfits I’ve ever done for Halloween!


Maleficent YouTube Tutorial

Elsa “Frozen” Tutorial

Accessories to Accessorize!

Using headbands and old or cheap sunglasses as the star of your costume is another easy way to achieve a ghastly look!

Take a plain black headband and affix some black tuille or mesh netting of some sort. Imagine the fabric is a cobweb. Then take a small spider that we glittered and affix it to the headband, on top of the cobweb tuille. Affix it using glue, or my favorite… Some thin wire for a secure stay!

Using sunglasses and hot glue; Affix bugs, mini snakes, spiders, and roaches around the frame of the glasses!! Don’t block the eyes!!
Alternatively, take pipe cleaners cut to size and bend at 45 degree angles. Hot glue to the sides of your frames creating a spidery pair of sunglasses. Pale your face with foundation and pair with bright red lipstick! Little Miss Mupphet who?!?

Below are some really cute ideas to achieve! These photos are from marthastewart.com




Thrift Shop Finds

If you must have a costume, try checking out a goodwill or thrift store for the perfect Halloween costume. Someone’s prior fashion faux-pas/”Worst mistake ever,” is now your Halloween outfit! Think creatively and outside the box! Imagine the possibilities! You will find treasures galore! (Just pick up some laundry detergent and give everything a good wash or two, prior to rocking out your outfit.)




Happy Halloween DIYers! Send us your pics of what you come up with by commenting below!!


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