Fresh Starts

I made a huge move to Dallas a few months ago, and time has just flown by. I can’t believe it’s already November and Thanksgiving is a week away!!

I am having the time of my life here in Dallas. I do miss my friends and family back east, but it’s been a somewhat easy transition moving from a small town in Pennsylvania to one of the most busiest, beautiful cities in the country!

I was worried about the challenges I’d face, and there were plenty when I started out. The most simple, mundane tasks like going to the grocery store became a task because I had to find a grocer with quality produce and veggies, and Texas did not disappoint. They have plenty of wonderful options!

There are some challenges I’ve yet to face and overcome, but that’s life!! Part of the fun (and sometimes the headaches) are the mystery life brings to your everyday life!!

Fortunately, all those years of self-taught, home-cooked meals has been paying off. Being on somewhat of a budget means less meals out of the home, and more meals around the dinner table. I’m all in favor of that!!

One of the biggest surprises, even to myself, is that I’ve become a lot more dependent on my faith while adjusting to my new life. Sometimes they say you become dependent on faith when life is hard, but my adjustment wasn’t hard. There’s a quote that C.S. Lewis once said ‘God whispers in your Joys, and Shouts in your Pain.‘ Meaning we don’t see Christ when we’re having a good time, but we are always seeking his help and guidance when times get tough.

I’ve always been very private about my relationship with God. It’s not something I’ve ever been ashamed of, but not something I feel needs promoted either. I respect everyone’s right to worship whomever they choose. I stayed away from church when they turned me away years ago when I came out of the closet. I know that my love for God never changed, so I stayed faithful that God’s love for me never changed as well.

Along with the rest of America, I feel ashamed that I’m living in a country where mass shootings have become a part of our everyday life. It’s now American culture to expect a breaking news bulletin that there’s been a mass shooting, and just today.. someone went on a shooting spree in Northern California.

We’re quick to judge, scream, and cry that something needs to be done to prevent these from happening, but the one thing I was appalled by was when my peers were attacking others for sending ‘Prayers’ to the victims of the shooting and for their families.

I found that so disheartening. Not even the sacred act of prayer was safe. What is going on?! I mean, you may be asking that as you’re reading a ‘Food Blog,’ and this post is rather personal and a cry for help for this country to get its shit together.

I think that’s what’s been driving me back to relying on my Faith. I pray for a better tomorrow than today, and I’m grateful for every second I’m on this Earth. Life is a gift, and the very air we breathe is sacred. We all have struggles in this life. I will continue to pray about mine, and for others and their struggles.

I don’t know where this country got so off track, and that’s not a politically driven attack, that’s an honest question. When did it become not okay to pray for your neighbor? When did it become not okay to write a letter to your representatives to ask for better legislation to limit the sales of weapons that allow mass casualties?

Christians call it an attack on Christianity, while others are saying your prayers are not enough. It’s a vicious cycle, and the only light at the end of the tunnel is knowing in my heart, that I will continue to fight for what’s right, but before I do that… I’ll pray about it.

What I do know… is that every person has their struggles. In a day and age where shootings are happening to innocent children, your Faith in God can easily become one of those struggles. Let’s not tease others for trying to ease that pain by praying.

Contrary to popular belief, prayers work!!

Also contrary to popular belief, so does calling your representatives!

Let’s just all get along.



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