Let’s Take a Minute to Reflect

Thanksgiving is a week away, and I think this is the perfect holiday to check-in with yourself! Let’s reflect on all of the amazing accomplishments we’ve done this year. Let’s analyze where we had great successes, personally and professionally, as well as setbacks.

I’ve always looked at the calendar year and the seasons like a life cycle. I think this helps beat any feeling of winter blues because you’re so focused and in tune with yourself, that it’s really hard to feel down when you’re reflecting at how amazing you are!

That sounds narcissistic, I’m sure. In reality, it’s far from. It’s all about bettering yourself. Look at each day like an opportunity. That phrase, ‘Seize the day,’ clearly came from someone with the same mindset. Some days will be the shittiest of days, but knowing that you get to start over when you wake up is sometimes the much-needed relief we all need!

In Winter, I look at this as the R&R period, not ‘Rest and Relax,’ but instead ‘Reflect and Restart!’ Look at the previous year, and analyze the setbacks and successes and move on. Bust out those resolutions, make them achievable and realistic, and get to cracking! I hate resolutions that say I am going to lose 30 pounds. Instead of challenging your waistline, challenge your willpower! You know that if you want to lose weight, you have to eat right and exercise. Doing that DAILY are the small successes we all need! It will challenge your willpower and you will see results! It may not be 30 lbs, it may be 45 and it may be 15, but they’re all steps towards a better direction and ultimately, a better you.

In Spring, everything is starting to bloom and so should you! Use this as your coming out season. You’re refreshed from the reflections, you know what you want, and this year is just beginning to be YOUR YEAR, so make those things happen! Analyze your progress, celebrate all of your successes, and learn to embrace setbacks! Setbacks are needed for continuous growth, because you always learn from them. Life is not a continuous success, so don’t strive for that ideal perfection. A life full of small victories and occasional setbacks… is what makes life so perfect to begin with!

In Summer, everything is in FULL BLOOM. It’s all about long days and short nights. Take some time off, from all of the distractions, to just enjoy life. It’s also a great time to check-in, when you’re ready, to analyze the ‘Halfway Mark’ of the year, and maybe rework that goal that you had at the beginning of the year. Not all plans are good ones, so analyze what activities or rituals you’ve made great habits in the first 6 months that made you feel great, and continue to implement them into your daily routine. For the things that you dread doing, find a way to give them a facelift. For example, if you hate going to the gym, but love working outside in the garden, find a beautiful park to walk in and get your exercise that way. Always think outside the box, it will help you get to where you want to be!

In Fall, where we are now, use that time to tie up loose ends. Use this time to reflect on the successes and the setbacks, and start to formulate a plan for next year. November is one of my favorite months, it’s the perfect month to recognize others who’ve helped you get to where you are in that very moment. We celebrate Thanksgiving this month, i don’t focus on pilgrims and indians as much as I celebrate surrounding myself with friends, family, and God’s love. You can’t help, but feel blessed and in good favor when you take stock of just how great life is.

I hope you too can find a way to reflect on all of your blessings this season, there’s no right or wrong way or a one-size-fits all to self-improvement. You’ve got to do what works for you!

Cheering you on,



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