An Asian-Persuasion One Pan Wonder

I’m a straight up fiend, like crack-addicted fiend, when someone mentions Chinese food. Think rabid dogs…

I will literally twitch with the anticipation of Lo-Mein and General Tso anything hitting my mouth. So the thought of doing a night of “Take-In” Take-Out made me even more excited.

I’m all about food that’s both good and good-for-you, so I was trying to invent ways to mimic Asian flavors at home. 

The combination I came up with was pretty stellar, and using those spiralized zucchini noodles in place of lo-mein means that I can have my “Fat Kid Friday” any day of the week! 

In a wok, heat up some olive oil, and to that add some sliced mushrooms. I just did button mushrooms, but y’all can get fancy and use oyster or shiitake. 

Let those bad boys sweat! Meaning it’s releasing its moisture while they sauté to a gorgeous brown caramelized color. 

Then, add some broccoli rabe, snow peas, a red or yellow pepper, and let that steam/cook. This is going to brighten the flavors of your dish. 

Now the fun begins (and your almost done!) Add your spiralized zucchini and carrots! I used 2 zucchini and 2 spiralized carrots. Toss them into your wok with tongs. They don’t require a ton of cooking, a couple to a few minutes at most. 

Remove your pan from the heat. Add 2 to 3 tbsp of Tamari, and about a 1 1/2 tsp of toasted sesame oil. I also dashed in a few splashes of rice vinegar to liven up the flavors and give it a probiotic kick. 

You can get fancy and add some heat like Chinese chili flakes or add mirin or hoisin, but I went straight basic Asian persuasion and it was amazing! 

Better than take-out, and way better for you! 

Pair it with a saké, and pretend you’re Lucy Liu!



Oh, Hello… and yes, it’s been a while

It’s crazy that I just ‘Celebrated’ 6 years of blogging. I use the term ‘blogging,’ loosely as I’m more of an instant blogger. Whether it’s Tweeting out political jabs at the current administration, or filming Snapchat stories devoted to dinner. I instagram and then share to Facebook, and still call myself a ‘blogger.’ It’s actual total bullshit. 

In truth, and speaking candidly, I love to live life and live it well. Yes, not much has changed. I still love to bake, cook, and garden. I still love trying new things in and around the home, and I look forward to giving you all more ideas to try and enrich our lives; For you, your friends, and your family. 

In the past few years, while I wasn’t busy trying to derail America from fucking itself (which it did anyway,) I’ve discovered a love for modern wellness. Some say it’s hope in a jar, but I truly believe, and have preached for years that you are what you eat and what you do! Quality is key in everything we do. I strive to source the best-for-you ingredients, and recipes that will give us a dinner that’s quick and easy and most of all, fun! 

On a personal note, which is what blogs are… I fell in love this past year with the most amazing man! We’re ridiculously cute, and you’ll be insanely jealous. It’s totally cool! 😜 

Also huge life change, I’m moving to Dallas, Texas later this Summer!! This small town guy from PA is going to be a Dallasite, and I’m so effing excited, y’all! 

I can’t promise I’ll blog regularly, and I can’t promise that I won’t blog all the time. With the move, and the new set of challenges that brings… I’m looking forward to blogging about everything I have before AKA “Domesticated bliss,” as well as some thoughts I have in passing, on absolutely whatever. It may be political or something physical, and it may be about some amazing place I stayed at on vacation. That may turn you off from the blog and me altogether, but that’s really unfortunate and sort of impossible because I have pretty amazing skin. (It’s the monk fruit I add to everything! We’ll talk about that later!) 

All my best,